DVD: “SAME PLAYER SHOOTS AGAIN” A documentary about pinball

“Let’s enter the magic world of pinball. From its early beginnings, through the golden years in post-war decades. Until its unfortunate decline in the nineties, and beyond…

Let’s visit the manufacturers, let’s meet the designers, let’s take a closer look at the techniques, let’s meet the players, the collectors and the experts.”

Although the heydays are over, pinball is still immensely popular with a growing group of collectors and players. The fascination for flashing lights, ringing bells and high-speed action has never changed. Pinball still tests our skills and reaction to the limits. The electrifying challenge remains. At the end, in the contest between man and machine there is no greater feeling of victory than beating a piece of machinery.

Playing pinball is one of the most challenging competitions between man and machine, which requires concentration, breath-taking skills and even a top condition! Playing this DVD only requires a DVD-player and a soft sofa for enjoying an hour of pinball-pleasure.

Click here for the trailer.  Click here for a short scene from the DVD.


English, ca. 1 hour, € 5,- ex. shipping costs, order your copy by sending an email to: artmaster@quicknet.nl


DVD: MARIT & CEES live in Hoeve Overslot 

Registratie van het concert dat Marit Verwer en Cees Oud in 2017 gaven in Hoeve Overslot te Egmond.

Klik hier voor het nummer “Het dorp” uit de DVD.  Klik hier voor het chanson “Sous le Ciel de Paris”.

DVD: MARIT & CEES live in Hoeve Overslot, ca. 55 minuten, € 10,- excl. verzendkosten, te bestellen via: artmaster@quicknet.nl

DVD: Night at the Movies

Registratie van de optredens van de leden van Be Quick in de Europahal te Bergen.

DVD: Night at the movies, ca. 1 uur, € 10,- excl. verzendkosten, te bestellen via: artmaster@quicknet.nl

VIDEO-clips (klik op de afbeelding voor de YouTube-link).

Aleksandra Osipova Intuitive dance II

Aleksandra Osipova Intuitive dance I

Ephesus harbour project protest video clip

Geef ze een Gezicht,
korte documentaire

rondleiding door Het Wapen van Bergen

Aan de Waterkant

trailer van de documentaire GESTRAND

Het Dorp
door Cees & Marit

Promoclip Expositie P.S.


Promoclip Vrij-Uit

Trailer Jozz Jazz

Promoclip K10D 2017

Johnny & the Gangsters of Love

Promoclip Vrij-Uit (Duits)

Promoclip K10D 2016

Promoclip CDA-2018

Big Band Festival Alkmaar

Promoclip TIHMS

Promoclip Wapen van Bergen